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This series is all about Jintian microfiber products, the main manufactured products- microfiber towels and microfiber cleaning clothsproducts. 

About microfiber products:
At Jintian factory, they are mainly divided into ten 
seperate groups: 1.Microfiber towels, 2.microfiber cloth, cloths,4.microfiber fabric, 5.bathroom towels, 6.homemade cleaning products, 7.method cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning products, 10.towel wrap.

Green cleaning products in narrow sense refer to the tools having a cleaning function. Method cleaning products are mainly used for indoor floor cleaning and indoor sanitation. Eco-friendly is the future development trend of green cleaning products. Green cleaning products are made from natural substances, are recognized as the cleaning products do no harm to the earth environment. Jintian produces all kinds of homemade cleaning products, method cleaning products such as microfiber towels, wipe and glow cleaning cloths, homemade jewelry cleaner, lint free rags, spa towel wrap.  


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